Indecent proposal

Judging by his silence, it seems that Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi does not want to lose the opportunity of becoming the next prime minister. He is fully aware of the principles of power separation, having studied each article of the constitution for 40 years. But with the top post in sight, he seems determined to write his name in history. That could be the reason he wants to avoid controversy before everyone agrees to his leadership.

The CJ has not done anything outstanding during the 20 months of his tenure, and there is no way to say whether he will perform better as PM, especially in times of constitutional crises. In case we forget, it was under his leadership that the number of justices in the Supreme Court was stuck at six, and instead of promoting people who performed well he sent them packing. People admired Regmi for not extending the Constituent Assembly’s deadline back in May, but that too played a part in inviting this crisis.

Among the three organs of the state, the judiciary is considered the most upright and justices don’t engage in open rivalries, in contrast to politics. How will a man who has spent 40 dignified years fare in the cat-and-mouse race for power? Unlike at the Supreme Court , where the CJ faces no pressure, at the PMO Regmi will have to compromise and keep everyone happy. What will happen to the judiciary’s clean image after the parties drag the CJ down to their dirty games?


PM Baburam Bhattarai knows all too well about Regmi. Dozens of decisions made by his government have been stopped by the SC, and court records show that no other government has made as many controversial decisions. Bhattarai has even said publicly that the SC did not let his government do anything. By bringing Regmi to the doors of Baluwatar, it is evident that Bhattarai wants to influence these cases. Amidst the political wrangling, will the CJ-PM be able to send people like Bal Krishna Dhungel to jail?

The UCPN(M) did not propose the CJ’s name for the PM’s job so that killers within the party get sent to jail. Having already given orders to free journalist Dekendra Thapa’s murderers, this government knows that merging the executive with the judiciary will work in its favour. If that is so, why does the CJ covertly show that he wants to leave his dignified career and entertain proposals floated by a party that grants amnesty to known killers? If that is not the case, why doesn’t Regmi speak up strongly against the proposal?

The opposition’s efforts to make Regmi prime minister just to replace Bhattarai will deliver momentary gain. They must realise that the Maoists only want to postpone election dates by floating Regmi’s name. So instead of trying to overthrow Bhattarai, they should work on strengthening the Election Commission to hold polls under Bhattarai’s leadership.


दाउमा छवि

Chief Justice and Prime Minister

Chief Justice and Prime Minister

फागुन ८ गते कान्तिपुर दैनिकको विचार पृष्ठमा प्रकाशित लेख

विनिता दाहाल

चुनावी सरकारको नेतृत्व’bout दलबीच लामो समय बहस चलिरहँदा कुनै वक् नफुटाउने प्रधानन्यायाधीशको शैलीको सोझो अर्थ लाग्छ, उनी प्रधानमन्त्री हुन पाउने अवसर गुमाउन चाहँदैनन् । चार दशक संविधानकै धाराको मिहीन अध्ययन गर्दै प्रधानन्यायाधीशसम्मको ओहदा सुरक्षित बनाएका उनलाई शक्ति पृथकीकरणको सिद्धान्तअनुसार कार्यपालिकामा प्रवेश न्यायोचित नहुने पक्कै थाहा छ । तैपनि मुखमा आइसकेको गाँस खेर फालेर इतिहासमा नाम लेखाउने कसर उनी गुम्न दिँदैनन् । सायद त्यसैले बन्छु वा बन्दिन भनेर विवादित हुनुभन्दा निर्विवाद प्रधानमन्त्रीको पद सम्हाल्न चाहँदैछन्, प्रधानन्यायाधीश रेग्मी ।

प्रधानन्यायाधीशको २० महिने कार्यकालमै आफ्नो कुशलता देखाउन नसकेका उनले भोलि कार्यपालिकाको कार्यभार कसरी सम्हाल्लान् ? त्यो पनि चुनाव गराउनुपर्ने अहिलेको सबैभन्दा संवैधानिक जटिलताको बेला । उनको नेतृत्वले सर्वोच्च अदालतमा न्यायाधीश आधा दर्जनमा सीमितमात्रै बनाएन, राम्रो कार्यसम्पादन गर्ने पुनरावेदनका उत्कृष्ट न्यायाधीशलाई सर्वोच्च नल्याई घर पठाइसकेको छ । न्यायपालिकामा त्यसको असर’boutे अव्यक्त असन्तुष्टि सबैले जनाइरहेकै छन् । पूर्व प्रधानन्यायाधीश रामप्रसाद श्रेष्ठले आफ्नो १३ महिने कार्यकालमा जति सक्रिय रूपमा मुद्दाको छिनोफानो र न्यायपरिषदको नेतृत्व गरेर जनताको वाहवाही कमाए, त्यसको दाँजोमा रेग्मीको अहिलेसम्मको २० महिने कार्यकाल सधैं नै ओझेलमा परेको छ । संविधानसभाको म्याद ६ महिनामात्रै हुने भनेर उनको नेतृत्वको विशेष इजलासले फैसला गरेपछि तत्काल त्यसको सराहना भयो । तर कालान्तरमा त्यसैले गर्दा संविधानको अवसान भयो र संवैधानिक संकट बढेको सबैले मूल्यांकन गर्दै आएका छन् । र यस्तो बेला त्यही विवादित पद प्रधानन्यायाधीशले सम्हाले भने उनको व्यक्तित्वको मूल्यांकन कसरी होला ?… पढ्नेक्रम जारी राख्नुहोस्