Sunrise, the pleasant moment


A hope for the new day Sunrise1


slowly spreading the hope with its rays Sunrise 2

sunrise_3 3



slowly gaining its size, so do my hope for the new day Sunrise5


Morning dawn with its diversed colours Sunrise6

sunrise_7 7





Bihana Uthne bitikai Himal Dekhna payiyos.....

At this time I am extremely missing those pleasant moments of Tiger Hill, where I saw new hope for the days to come. The place where the moon at the sky still remain to mild its presence with the earth lights. The orange color at the far eastern side and the sparking color of Kanchanjunga at the north make me feel like I haven’t been to this close with the nature. The morning dawn at the tiger hill was superb with the presence of different sacred color. Sun slowly starts rising far at the eastern side. Those rays when reflect at the top of the Kanchanjunga it re-energizes me. I have no words to explain the gift of the nature at this time. The only thing I could do is to regret that I don’t have the camera which I wish to have. However I capture those shots in my eyes. And after taking all these snaps( with which I am not satisfied) I saw a guy with spectacles in his eyes who was in real sense a very good looking guy. I saw him in the pavilion where he was with his family ( I noticed that later). At that time I was in search for more shots of Kanchanjunga. I opened the glass of the window from where the cool breeze was blowing directly from the mountains and everyone in the pavilion noticed me but no one dare to stop me. After taking nearly thirty shots I want to be framed in my camera with Kanchanjunga at my background. I asked one matured man to take my pictures. He accept my request without any hesitation but he didn’t have any idea with my camera. And then the guy came to capture the picture of mine. I was shocked he was the same guy whom I noticed before who happened to be the son of that man. He asked me, “Can I take your picture?” And, yes how can I say “no”. After taking the first picture he asked me for the next one. He took two pictures cladding me with Kanchanjunga at the background. I am sure I was totally blank at that time. Nothing came to my mind what to do next, what step should I have to take? For sure he is
the only guy whom I stared at for the longer time. After that I just convey my thanks for taking my picture. And I moved. I was conscious not to turn back to look at him, may be he was looking at me thinking “A poor little girl”.I don’t know what he might have thought. When I explained about that guy with my friends they called me the “fool one”. Yes, I am at most time.
I was hanged with that moment at my later days too. But when I think what would happen if I have talked with him more, share the contact number, email address. If in every nights we had chat, share everything, surely, that fascination slowly turns melancholic. And that special moment wouldn’t be pleasant anymore. So, now I don’t have any regret that I didn’t talk with him. But I must say Mr. Tiger Hill you are my first crush who is not the public figure. There is no any chance to meet you next time. You are from one part of the globe and I am from the another. I even don’t know what’s ur name, where do you live? I named you as “Mr Tiger Hill”. I am glad that I met you in that day which is supposed to be my most memorable morning of my life till date.
All the above pictures are dedicated to you. And, at last this flower is just for you.


For once in my life I stared at you...


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