Meeting the same people in different environment

Yesterday, the film director invited me to be there in Nepal tourism Board(feeling good to say this). “BhedaSingh ko ghar” was screened and the director of the film was none other than the director of the famous documentary “Team Nepal” which got an international award in 2005(if I am not wrong). Girish Giri, the bureau Chief of “City” of Nagarik Daily. I like the way he entered the stage with the waving hands. The film is about the changing lifestyle of the medium and upper class family of kathmandu. There is no narration in the film, but the theme of the story explains the difference between the people of two generations. It reflects the mental plight of the medium and upper class families living within a confined area in the inner part of the ancient cities. They are being attracted to live in more open, well-defined spacious houses.
Audience presence was good and I think the compliment was good too. The impressive thing is that even with the small budget, people are making good films. I think the important thing to make a film view worthy is its presentation and its theme rather than the good budget. About this case I cannot compare the previous one with this because I didn’t get chance to watch Team Nepal. However I think Team Nepal is much better.
All the four film I watched today were good. It is interesting to see the matter of human interest which we have in our surroundings.
The most important thing I enjoyed today was meetings with the people of Nagarik and some of Kantipur too. Its been nearly two weeks I haven’t gone to Nagarik. Nearly I saw twenty five faces of Nagarik. That was nice meeting with most of them. Sudip Dai was asking me, ” I haven’t seen you in Nagark from last few days. Anything wrong?” I replied that the internal exam are coming so I will come after my exam. “Okey, its allrite”, he said with the good smile. I am like the junior one in the office and a visitor trainee so most of the journalist asked about my dismissed presence in the office. I feel odd to answer the same thing time and again.
By meeting with the people of Nagarik I felt its quite different and interesting to meet the same people in the official environment and in the outside. Though, I think most of the time the journalism field is like the informal gatherings when most of the people from all bureau meet in one place and discuss the happening issues mostly before 2/3pm. After that they are busy in their writings or editing. I remember the day of RookMangud Kattwal’s case when everyone was arguing with one another’s view.


2 thoughts on “Meeting the same people in different environment

  1. A different article as compared to your usual way of writing. Good reading, but still needs a lot of improvement in the way you write and in the way you use the grammer. As there is a saying, “Journey of thousand miles begins with the single step.” so why do delay to improve upon the writing.
    Expecting some more writings!

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