Thinking of writing something!!!

Yes, I am thinking of writing something. Its been long time that none of my article has been published in any of the newspaper or magazine. It seems that I nearly forget how to write. At some point I enjoy writing articles though I was not that clear with the own subject. That time my only desire was to see name and picture in the paper. Mostly during those days when I used to write for Kantipur daily. I really enjoyed to check my yahoo inbox to read comment on those articles. Thesedays I am missing those emails so m thinking of writing again. Between these gap, I learned to write reportings from Nagarik. I enjoyed in some reportings like “Gantabya Pashupati”, “Pathak ka bich ma lekhak”. Mostly the talking I do with the related persons. Thesedays as I have to do my project and have to prepare for internal exam am not able to go to Nagarik office. Feeling like missing something… he he. the laughing they made in the office. But then I am thinking of writing something or reading books to utiilize my time. Today I finished reading the latest book of Paulo “The Winner Stands Alone” and I found it boring compared to his other readings. I do not enjoy reading it and thought that this book is listed as best selling only by the authors name. Now I think I will have to write the review of this book which is assigned to me by the Saptahanta team. I am sure I do not enjoy writing about this book. I would be happy if I was assigned to write about “Veronika decides to die”.


6 thoughts on “Thinking of writing something!!!

  1. The film festival was fine, it would be more interesting if you were there with me. Today also I regret for what we missed during our Jaljala trek. I agree with the good writer’s argument.

  2. Nice to read your article after a long gap though there were many typographical and grammatical mistakes in the above article. Please check for some basic grammer rules before posting on the blog and try to improve upon your English writing skill. Be regular to post the blog.

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