Whose fault?

Today I started my day with an email that I sent to my friend who was waiting my reply from last three days. As always there is load shedding. I wake up at 1:30 am in the morning so that I could check his email and sent a reply.

After that I pick the book by Arvind Adiga “The White Tiger” which I was reading and was there in the fourth morning. I find the book interesting and the character Balaram Halwai too. I read up to the sixth night then got to go bath.

Last day I had no money in my pocket so dad gave me 250. I was happy with the money because the class is in ktm and I don’t need so much money as I need more If I had class in Dhulikhel. I went to the departmental store with two of my friend. We walked all the way from Ravibhawan to Baneshwor Departmental store. I actually want to try Carlsberg beer from last some of the day. Ah I am moving from the way here. So I bought Carlsberg and Classic Lays. But the taste of the beer I find is not tasty but the lays was tasty. So, I finished all the money my father gave me all these nonsense stuffs.

Today morning shamefully I have to ask my father for the money. And today he gave me one thousand ruppees. I feel so happy thinking that I will buy the adidas shoes. But what happened is that after we finished the class which was just of thirty minutes. We planned to go to Archies in Khichapokhari. Manji wants to buy the Valentine Card and I want to take the picture of the cards I like the most so that I could upload them in the blog. But, sadly what happen is I lost my purse. I lost my ATM card along with all the vouchers, KU student card and may be other cards as well. Actually not lost I think it is stolen by some street children. I don’t know. I heard these days many street children stole the purse from the bag in Newroad. So be careful.
Now I just arrived home and feel what to do. Its not my first time that I lost or am stolen. One year before I lost my Sony Camera in the Taxi after that this is the second time which I cannot forget. I am thinking that If I open my bag now the purse is there waiting for me but its my stupidity. How can it be there???????


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