Victims of Pedophilia

On my end semester examination I was supposed to write a term paper on Sexual Exploitation of Children. While studying and conducting research I found lots of problem related with the same issue. Children from any background have chances to be placed in risk of sexual exploitation. Children can be abused in their own home, school and any happening places. Child sex abuse is a hidden but highly prevalent problem which adversely affects the children sentiments. Street children are considered more vulnerable to be sexually abused by tourists. Though exact figures are not available, the growth of tourism has been identified as a contributing factor to growth of sexual exploitation of street children. . In the streets of the tourist areas, children are found selling different items and running after the tourists. Children are found to be generally attracted to the tourists, because of the conception that they have a lot of money and friendship with the tourist is attached with prestige.
Once the children approaches tourists, it is not difficult for the tourists to get close with children by giving them food and clothes, love and care. Sexual abuse of the children is a high possibility, as the children spend a lot of time together with the tourists in the hotel room. The most common pattern of abusers is that the children are asked to take a bath in the bathroom of the hotel, after a while the tourist will also come in and help the child to take a bath. In the process of cleaning the child, the tourist starts touching the child’s private parts. Children are usually not aware of what is happening to them, they don’t have any idea of what is going on with them. They do not feel that they are exploited rather they feel that they are being loved by the tourist and are happy with the money and other things that they get from the tourist in return. Even when they are aware of the fact that what is happening to them is not good, they prefer to hide because of the wrong conception that they themselves are blamed for it.
There is high level of unawareness and ignorance among people regarding the possibility of sexual abuse of children. Even now talking about sex is considered as a social taboo which makes children silently suffered and helpless to share about the fact with their relatives and concerned people. There is a general state of unawareness and denial which increases the vulnerability of children and possibility of its growth in the near future. Many children have been trafficked to work as sex workers. Sexual exploitation consists of criminal practices that directly affect the physical and psychosocial integrity of children. There are laws that can be used to prosecute for the sexual exploitation of children. But many improvements are still to be done. The major challenge appears to the enforcement of laws is because of lack of awareness, insufficient evidence to convict and lack of motivation. Unless there is seriousness among concerned authorities, the emergence of problem of sexual exploitation of children could not be denied.

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